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Godfrey House Refurbishment

Location : Islington, London

Type of Works: Complete Plantroom Refurbishment

Client : Homes for Islington/London Borough Islington

Our Role: MEP Consultant

Value: £600,000

Description of Works Undertaken: 


The installation of 4no 1200kW floor mounted pressure jet gas boilers complete with gas burners, boiler flue works, 2no 2500kW plate heat exchangers, pipework, gas boosters, ENWA heating water conditioning units, Trend BEMS and controls etc.

The works were undertaken in the summer months during the May to October heating shutdown period and external temporary gas boiler plant was installed to provide heating to the resident’s hot water cylinders within the dwellings. The gas boiler plant provided heating and hot water services to approximately 450 dwellings over a number of blocks.     

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