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Watling Gardens

Location : North London

Type of Works: New Gas Boiler Plant, Underground Heating, BCWS Services and Risers

Client : Lawtech/Brent Housing Partnership

Our Role: MEP Consultant

Value: £1,500,000

Description of Works Undertaken: 


The installation of 3no 395kW floor mounted condensing gas boilers, external boiler flue works, LTHW buffer vessels, LTHW heating and BCWS underground services, BCWS cold water storage tanks and pump set, risers and distribution services over 3no tower blocks and 1no low level block, BEMS, and controls etc.

The works also included the installation of a new incoming gas meter, gas services, the installation of 135no HIU’s complete with heat meters and heating systems within each dwelling, installation of cladding on the new external heating and BCWS services, communal roof mounted extractor fans on the 3no tower blocks and extractor fans within the bathrooms and kitchens. 

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